For iPhone Users: Here you can have the detailed information for iPhone users for Red Network APN settings with the values to be entered as given.

Step 1: Go to Main Menu and open Settings

Step 2: Click on General and open Network

Step 3: Now you have made your data roaming in on mode and wifi in off mode

Step 4: Click on Cellular Data Network and enter the below values

Cellular Data – Verizon

APN – internet or vzwinternet

Username – Leave in Blank

Password – Leave in Blank

Step 5: Now you have to configure Verizon iPhone APN MMS settings and the values are

Cellular Data– Verizon

Username – Leave it Blank

Password – Leave it Blank


MMS Proxy – Not Set

MMS Max Message Size – Leave it Blank

MMS UA Prof URL: Leave it Blank

Step 6: Save the changes that you made and exit

Step 7: Sometimes you need to restart your iPhone

Step 8: Open any web browser and connect to the high-speed internet in your iPhone

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