APN Settings:

In order to ensure that data works properly on your GSM device, please follow this directions to update your phone’s “APN settings”:


1. Go to your Android’s main “Settings”

2. Under Wireless & Networks, go to “Mobile Network”. “More” may need to be selected.

3. Select “Access Point Names”

4. If the Home PPWG Mobile name exists, select that network and check the settings below. Select the corresponding field if the information is incorrect and enter the correct information. 5. If no network name exists, select “Menu” and select “New APN”.

6. Enter the correct information into each field and select ok to continue.

7. After you have finished entering all the settings, select “Menu” again and select “Save”.

8. Make sure that the APN you just entered is selected.

General APN settings for GSM B - TMobile are:

* Name: Home

* APN: pwg

* MMSC: http://pwg.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc

* MCC: 310

* MNC: 260

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