1. If the SIM card is installed, please remove it.
2. Powercycle the device without the SIM card.
3. Reinsert the SIM card.
4. Powercycle the device again.

After programming the phone, then a 10 digit phone call needs to be made. It may or may not give
you a message that states something like "Welcome to Verizon, your temporary passcode
has been set to the last 4 digits of your phone number. To hear your messages in English, press 1"
Once you press "1" the activation is complete and services will resume working. If it does not give you
a Verizon message then the call should be processed.

If you have an iPhone you may need to go to Settings / General / scroll down to RESET and Tap RESET NETWORK SETTINGS

Also go to Settings / Cellular/ Cellular Data options / Enable LTE/ VOICE & DATA